Sexual Health & Relationships

NHS Health Scotland (previously Health Education Board for Scotland)
Since the completion of the SHARE trial in 2000 the Health Education Board for Scotland (HEBS) commissioned Hilary Dixon to revise the SHARE pack and teacher training course in the light of findings from the process evaluation (Buston et al., 2002). The pack has been made more flexible so that it can, if appropriate, be delivered over three years (starting in second year secondary). The interactive video has been entirely re-shot with different actors. This second edition of the SHARE pack is available from NHS Health Scotland to those who have received the SHARE training.

HEBS also funded the training of a cadre of SHARE trainers, all of whom had already gained considerable experience in sex education training. These SHARE trainers are now available throughout Scotland to train teachers to deliver SHARE.


The National Demonstration Project: Healthy Respect
healthy respectSince 2000 the Scottish National Demonstration Project on sexual health, Healthy Respect, has been using SHARE in 10 Lothian schools. Different means of delivery have been explored, for instance by pairing teachers with community education staff, youth workers or school nurses, thus strengthening the links between services and education. Healthy Respect has delivered three SHARE training programmes, resulting in 82 professionals, from multi-disciplinary backgrounds, now qualified to deliver the programme to students.

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